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Ancient Coins have long been valued, treasured and used as a medium of exchange. Sometime around 650 B.C. coins made their first appearance and they were used both in commerce and as a means of promotion or propaganda--a purpose they continue to serve today.

On this website you will find some of the oldest, beautiful, and unique Ancient Gold Coins ever handled. Most of these Ancient Coins are thousands of years old and, while crudely produced, feature some of the most intricate and stunning designs ever seen on coinage. Furthermore, each Ancient Coin has been graded and certified by NGC, the leading grading service of Certified Ancient coinage in the world today. Be sure to find out more at our Ancient Gold Coins Facebook Page.

King Phillip II Ancient Gold Coin Kingdom of Macedon King Philip II (359-336 B.C.) NGC - Gold Stater - Choice Mint State Star

Absolutely phenomenal and extremely rare Gold Stater of the highest quality. The overall look is simply phenomenal given it was issued over 2,300 years ago. Struck during the reign of Phillip II, the father of Alexander the Great, it is without question a museum quality antiquity. Comprised of approximately ¼ ounce of pure gold, the obverse features the head of Apollo and the reverse a charioteer with two intricately etched horses. There is no question the artist who carved these dies was one of the finest of his time.

Lydian Third-Stater - Ancient Coin Kingdom of Lydia Gold Stater struck from (610-546 B.C.) NGC - Gem Mint State

This magnificent gold stater was struck over 2,500 years ago in Persia. As you can see, the quality is incredible for something produced under crude conditions. Struck during the reign of King Croesus, the obverse employs a lion and bull, thought to symbolize life and fertility. The luster and overall appearance is incredible, and these coins are seldom encountered in any condition today.

Alexander AV Distater - Ancient Coin Kingdom of Macedon; Alexander the Great (336-323 B.C.) Gold Distater NGC Choice
Extra Fine

This gold distater, or double-stater, trident variety, is one of the most rare and remarkable coins in the Ancient world. In fact, some refer to it as the “High Relief” of the Ancient coin world as it appears three dimensional due to an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and size. Containing over a half-ounce of pure gold, the obverse features Athena the Goddess of War and Nike, the Goddess of Victory on the reverse. This is the most impressive, notable and desirable coin issued during the reign of Alexander the Great and is highly prized today.

Ionia Half-Stater - ancient coin Ionia, Uncertain Mint (650-600 B.C.) El Half-Stater, Electrum, NGC Extra Fine Star

If this coin looks rather primitive, it’s because it is. This is the first true coinage, issued around 650 B.C. in Ionia, or modern day Turkey. While it appears to be gold, it is actually comprised of electrum, a mixture of gold and silver. The lines on the obverse are thought to have represented flowing water, which is where the electrum was often mined. The reverse employs a double punch. It is remarkably well preserved and the finest example we’ve encountered.

Byzantine-Justinian-II-Gold-Solidus Byzantine Justinian II Gold Solidus, NGC Choice Mint State

This ancient gold coin is the first coin ever struck to depict Jesus Christ. It is highly desirable and listed on page 114 of the 100 Greatest Ancient coins book. Justinian II from 692-695 had this gold coin struck with a "traditional" depiction of Christ in an extremely lifelike appearance. An ancient gold coin like this is highly thought after by many different groups.

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